New North Austin Meal Delivery Service – March 2020

With the new recommendations that folks over 60 and the immune compromised should self quarantine, I’m expanding my Personal Chef Services to include drop-off meals.

My delivery range is Austin north of the river all the way up to Georgetown. (Sorry southies!)

If you or someone you know is self-quarantining (or just busy and too exhausted to cook and shop), get in touch.


I do the grocery shopping, prepare your food in my own home, and drop it off at your door with just a knock before disappearing like a ninja.

Once a week I’ll email you a menu. You choose what you’d like, just like at a restaurant. There’ll also be a space where you can specify dietary restrictions and personal preferences, and make requests. Food is dropped off once a week

You get healthy, chef prepared meals for less than the cost of eating out without having to risk your health by venturing into stores where the carts have never been sanitized.

Stay home, stay healthy. Let me take care of your shopping and cooking.

Click here to learn more.