Personal Chef Services

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Chef-Prepared, Fully Customizable Meals

I literally do everything - plan the menu, do the shopping, cook the food, and clean the kitchen. Pick your options from the weekly menu, sit back, and enjoy!

Each meal is individually packed and stored with complete reheating instructions so you can enjoy custom tailored meals on your own schedule. 

My culinary specialty is dietary restrictions. I have extensive experience cooking for clients who are Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Kosher, assorted food allergies, and texture-specific needs. No matter your diet, you deserve delicious, gorgeous meals you can look forward to. 


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In-Home or Delivery Services

Cancel your reservations, skip the crowds, and enjoy custom meals tailored to your dietary needs!

You can choose between In-Home service or Meal Delivery. 

With In-Home Service, I arrive with fresh groceries, cook in your kitchen, clean up afterwards, and Tetris everything into your fridge. You're welcome to hang out with me while I cook. The more I know about your tastes the better I can tailor your weekly menu selections.

Delivery Service is a great option for people who aren't home during the day, have social anxiety, or have small kitchens. I'll do all the cooking at my own site then drop off your meal selections once a week, like a tasty but invisible culinary fairy. 


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How It Works


I meet in-home clients in person, survey your kitchen, pantry, and cooking tools, and most importantly sit down with you for an in-depth discussion of your personal health goals, culinary needs, and what flavors you love and hate. Delivery-only clients consultations are via zoom or phone call.

Personalized Menu

Every week I email you a customized menu based on your diet, favorite flavors, and nutritional needs. You pick the meals you want and make special requests. All replies are due 48 hours before your appointment time. 

Cooking Time! 

On the day of your choice, I'll handle the grocery shopping and show up at your door ready to do the food prep, cooking, clean-up, and dishes. You're welcome to join me in the kitchen! I love to teach! Delivery-only clients get a contact-free box of meals at our designated drop-off time.


Hire Your Personal Chef!