Ready for Roulade!

Sirloin Roulade Prepared Rare so the Client Could Reheat it to Medium

I freely admit I’ve got a whacky love of pounding meat flat, filling it with veggies and cheeses, and rolling it back up! This week three different clients ordered variations on it including Keto and Paleo and lemme tell you, it was so much fun! Roulade one of my favorite savory mains to make!

Paleo Flank Steak Roulade Stuffed with Peppers, Spinach, and Asparagus

Roulade is one of those neat dishes that’s really affordable to make but looks incredibly fancy on the plate.

Why did I take the photo before I added the cheese?
They look kind of like Sandworms from Dune!
The outside is nicely browned, but the inside is still red-blue rare!
Rolled up and ready for reheating!

People who’ve had a nice roulade before are probably cringing that I cut it into nice slices instead of leaving it whole. I’m on your side! But for folks who’ve never enjoyed the experience, that dark brown log is terrifying. Once they’ve seen it sliced up and ready to reheat about half of clients ask me to leave it whole so they can heat it up and slice it themselves at the table.

They’re so versatile and fit so many dietary restrictions! You can stuff a roulade with just herbs and veggies to make it Paleo. Add some cheese to glue it together and it’s Keto. Either way it’s naturally gluten free. Invite your Keto, Paleo, and Celiac friends over and watch them marvel that they can all share the same main course at dinner. It’s no wonder these are one of my favorite things to make!