Things I made this week: steak and potatoes dad vs vegetarian mom edition

This family of five has a meat-and-potatoes dad, vegetarian mom, and flexatarian kids.

This week was all about making meals they could eat together.

The big shared family meal (on the far left) was a healthier Beyond Meat Shepherd’s Pie topped with a mashed potato and cauliflower blend. That huge tray was dinner one weeknight and lunch over the weekend.

I set aside a third of the mash for the family to enjoy on dad’s Steak and Potatoes night. While Dad had steak, that night mom and the kids enjoyed Beyond Meat Sausage Stuffed Portabello Caps for their main. Everyone had some roasted asparagus and the rest of the mash to round out the meal.

For their third meal this week I made gnocci in a creamy butternut squash sauce. Two portions stayed vegetarian while I roasted up some chicken to mix into the rest. A hearty spinach salad with peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers rounded out the meal.

Time from the moment I walked in the grocery store until I walked out their door after washing all the dishes: five hours – and that includes a 40 minute commute to their home.

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