Book Your Deliciously Decadent Halloween Catering!

As a Private Chef, Halloween is my favorite time of the year! I love catering creative parties! Going wild with horror themed recipes is so much fun. Get in touch with me if you’re ready for an Instagrammable spread your friends will envy!

I can conjure your own creepy custom creation or make one of my specialty Halloween spreads. You or your friends on a specialty diet? I can create a dramatic yet inclusive meal where your vegan, paleo, and gluten-free friends can all sit down at the same table.

Check out past examples of the gory goodness!

For this sit-down meal, the main course is a pair of butterflied baby racks of lamb making up the chest. Hidden inside are roasted potatoes and whiskey caramelized onions.

The balsamic beefsteak tomato roasted heart peeks from the bottom of the ribcage, drawing the eye to the rest of the deconstructed caprese salad made from hand pulled mozzarella guts on a bed of basil leaves. The whole thing rests on an edible pull apart wheat bread stretched to look like flayed skin.

This dessert spread includes home made biscotti ribs, strawberry-vanilla spread for the upper guts, and vegan banana-berry spread for the lower guts. The cookies and spreads are layered on double sided vanilla and strawberry crepes.

This purely vegan savory spread features a home made garlic and rosemary pull-apart bread ribcage. The heart is a whole roasted red bell pepper resting atop herbed orzo pasta “maggots.” The chest cavity is flanked by puff pastry crescent kidneys. Below are savory spiral rolls stuffed with thinly sliced roasted beets. For extra decoration, the whole thing is surrounded by crunchy beet chips.

This was developed to create an inclusive Pizza Party with options for meat eaters, vegans, and folks with a sweet tooth. The photo doesn’t do justice to the scale. That spread of jumbo sized pizzas was over 5 feet long!

Up top are a pair of home made sausage and cheese pizzas for the ribcage. A whole slow-roasted onion sits between them as the heart. Below that is a vegan margarita pizza shaped like a human liver. The collection is rounded out with an apple, honey, and goat cheese dessert pizza neatly arranged to look like intestines. All the toppings are super customizable.

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