Paleo AIP 1 Week Meal Plan

(gluten free, paleo, kosher, halal, and delicious)

Curious how a Personal Chef can revolutionize the way you eat? Every week you’ll get a complete meal plan which you can change or modify as you see fit. Here’s an example of a Paleo-AIP Weekly Meal Plan.

Kitchen Overlord's Sample Paleo AIP 1 Week Meal Plan

I start my meal plans on Saturday instead of Monday so you can spend the weekend making some staples to carry you through the week.

In addition to cooking healthy, Paleo AIP compliant meals, I teach my clients how to cook once and reuse items over the course of the week in order to save both time and money.

Paleo AIP is an expensive, time consuming diet. Having someone cook for you during the first 30 days of your healing journey is incredibly helpful, but for the diet to be sustainable in the long run it has to be something clients have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to maintain on their own for years to come.


All of the breakfast dishes are designed to be made in bulk and frozen. That way you can take a pre-made patty out of the freezer, pop it in the oven while you get ready for work, and have a hot breakfast with a side of fresh fruit. The hashes can also be frozen in individual portions. Just toss some olive oil in a skillet and you’ll have a hot breakfast in 10 minutes with minimal fuss.

If you make a few extra patties or hash bowls every time you prep, you can look forward to a future week where you have a different hot breakfast every day but never once have to cook it from scratch!


Since not everyone has daytime access to a microwave, my weekday lunches are all designed to be eaten either warm or cold.


Make the bone-in lamb on Saturday and turn the leftovers into an easy skillet hash Sunday morning. The hash ingredients freeze just fine, so feel free to put them in single-use containers and thaw the night before you use them.

Keep all the bones from your baby rack of lamb! Toss those in a crockpot before bed and wake up to a gallon of organic bone broth!

I like to save the fat cap on my lamb and render it down. It’s shockingly easy to do, and leaves me with organic, rendered fat I can use in recipes all week long.


Buying bone-in chicken is not only cheaper than the boneless version – it also comes with free broth! Save all your bones in a freezer bag. Once you’ve got a solid bag full, dump them in the crockpot with some carrots, onion, celery, and herbs and you’ll end up with amazingly tasty broth!

When baking chicken for dinner, always include 2 extra pieces which you can use as part of a future lunch or breakfast. It’s literally no more effort while you’re cooking chicken anyway and will save you a ton of hassle later!

In this example menu, you can reuse Sunday’s baked chicken three ways the very next day – shredded into breakfast patties, on a salad at lunch, and in the Faux-Thai Lemongrass recipe for dinner.

For clients on a tight budget I advocate roasting two whole organic chickens every Sunday. Once you get the hang of it, roasting a chicken is a pretty hands-off, low maintenance process. You can absolutely read a book, play a videogame, or hang out with family and friends while it cooks. After dinner, debone the remaining chicken and freeze it for use throughout the week. Toss the carcasses into your biggest crockpot (or a stock pot) for free broth. It’s hands down the most economical option for strict Paleo and Paleo-AIP dieters, and being able to grab pre-cooked chicken from the freezer saves you a lot of time on weekdays.


Offal is a big part of both Paleo and Paleo-AIP. For people who shudder at the thought, there’s no shame in hiding your organ meat in other foods. I find beef meatballs are the best way to do it. Give yourself permission to take baby steps. You don’t have to jump right into beef heart kabobs.


I am all about inclusion, so this sample menu is Paleo-AIP, Kosher, and Halal. In fact it’s very similar to a Paleo Kosher for Passover menu I made.

Client menus can be customized for people who love their morning bacon, people who are well acquainted with organ meats, people who have incredibly picky family members who will only eat one protein, and around your own personal favorites and no-go foods.

Think of this sample menu as a conversational launch pad. When we meet, we’ll discuss your diet, your goals, and your tastes in order to come up with a customized menu just for you.